Shelter Rental

Park shelters are available for rental. Host your next event at the Firemens Park. Weddings, family reunions, birthdays and graduation parties are all great reasons to rent a shelter.

The park is open May 15th to September 30th except during any firemen's functions. The park is open daily to the public between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Shelters will not be considered reserved until a payment is received (NON-REFUNDABLE). Please help us keep our park clean by picking up trash. Electricity is available in both shelters during park hours. Use pull-chains on each bulb to turn on. Restrooms will be open.

Please download agreement for all AFD Park and Shelter Rules.
Please note that a "Certificate of Insurance" is to be sent with the form and check.

Contact: Justin Grade


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Large Park Shelter

Small Park Shelter
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